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Written for mechanical newcomers who won't comprehend their catalytic converters from their common joints, this functional consultant is helping train a simple realizing of ways vehicles functionality. units are grouped based on their habitats—under the hood, contained in the motor vehicle, and more—to aid determine the know-how in query. fixing car puzzles corresponding to the place precisely does a dipstick dip and what's rack and pinion steerage, this useful reference illuminates what’s happening less than the hood with out all that dust and grease.

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I N TE R E S T I N G FAC TS In the United States about 13 million windshields are replaced each year. 32 A F I E L D G U I D E TO A U TO M OT I V E T E C H N O LO G Y 828-CRP AutoTech_interiorR4 3/10/09 6:07 PM Page 33 Windshield Wipers B E H AV I O R They wipe back and forth to swish the rain and snow off a viewing quadrant so you can see the road ahead. Their melodic “wipe wipe wipe” can lull you to sleep. H A B I TAT Wipers rest (park) at the base of the windshield, like a faithful dog resting at your feet.

As the bag expands, it pushes its cover away to escape its confinement at 200 mph. Less than 1/20 of a second after the car is in a collision, the air bag deploys. The air bag itself can cause injuries when it quickly inflates and hits the passengers. People get scratched by the bag and their glasses can smash into their faces. However, air bags provide cushioning and more gradually slow the forward momentum, reducing the possibility of serious injury. As the occupant’s momentum pushes on the deployed 38 A F I E L D G U I D E TO A U TO M OT I V E T E C H N O LO G Y 828-CRP AutoTech_interiorR4 3/10/09 6:07 PM Page 39 air bag, the gas is forced out of the bag through small holes.

H O W I T WO R K S Windshields are a sandwich of polyvinyl butyrate (PVB) between two layers of glass. The PVB holds the two layers of glass together without distorting or limiting the optical qualities. This laminate makes the windshield almost shatterproof, so if it’s damaged it won’t launch shards of glass into people. The windshield is glued into the window frame. On motorcycles, the windshield is often made of acrylic plastic instead of glass. Windshield glass transmits nearly all visible light and most infrared light while reflecting most ultraviolet light.

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