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By William R. Elkins

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128-148. - - - , Linguistics and English Grammar, 1965, Chapter 4, "English Grammars," pp. 67-88. , A Course in Modern Linguistics, 1958, Chapter 17, "Immediate Constituents," pp. 147-156, and Chapter 18, "Form Classes and Constructions," pp. 157-165. , Descriptive Linguistics: An Introduction, 1972, Chapter 7• "Syntax: Processes, Devices and Syntactic Patterns," pp. 109-125. Wardhaugh, Ronald, Introduction to Linguistics, 1972, Chapter 6, "Constituents and Patterns," pp. 79-97· THREE GenerativeTransformational Grammar This chapter will present an introduction to generative-transformational grammar which will illuminate the development of Noam Chomsky's theories from the publication of his book Syntactic Structures in 1957 to the publication of his enlarged edition of Language and Mind in 1972.

Sees boy I the dog ----------~-+~·--V--~+~ the boy v VP s Vt - ees + present the dog Generative-Transformational Grammar _j NP boy s ees r-- the Dn b + Collecting the symbols in nearly the same order, we can now write a rule which will, when combined with morphophonemic and transformational rules, create The boy sees the dog and an infinite number of structurally similar sentences. The rewrite rule is: S Dn + N + sing. + present + Vt + Dn + N +sing. ~ With little difficulty, we can list some sentences that this rule will generate: The boy sees the dog.

Is said to be categoric. (The definite and indefinite On categories) may be said, in fact, to embrace (the entire Dn class of English noun expressions), because even (those types of noun expression) which do not always take Dn (a determiner) can be classed as definite or indefinite. . I an endocentric unit that is usually in the adv form class. Many linguistic systems term endocentric structures signaled by Dp's prepositional phrases. By using commutation, we can identify some typical Dp words and note the form class of the resulting prepositional phrase.

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