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By A. J. Thomson

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The routines can be utilized without or with the Grammar. They comprise a solution key.

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Both can be used similarly with participles: He was fairly relaxed; she was rather tense. , which are not in themselves either 'favourable' or 'unfavourable', the speaker can express approval by using fairly and disapproval by using rather: This soup is fairly hot implies that the speaker likes hot soup, while This soup is rather hot implies that it is a little too hot for him. it rather can be used before alike, like, similar, different etc. and before comparatives. It then means 'a little' or 'slightly': Siamese cats are rather like dogs in some ways.

Nor except when neither . nor is the subject of a verb, as in (a) above. So: (b) . . but it wasn 't either large or bright and (c) He didn 't either write or phone. either ... or cannot be the subject of a negative verb but can be the subject or object of affirmative or interrogative verbs and is used in this way to express alternatives emphatically: You can have either soup or fruit juice, (not both) You fnusi either go at once or wait fill tomorrow. It's urgent, so could, you either phone or telex?

They raised the money somehow. anyhow as an adverb of manner is not common. But it is often used to mean ‘in any case/anyway'. ) C 36 Adverbs of place A away, everywhere, here, nowhere, somewhere, there etc. If there is no object, these adverbs are usually placed after the verb: A Practical English Grammar 36 She went away. He lives abroad. Bill is upstairs. But they come after verb + object or verb + preposition + object: She sent him away. I looked for it everywhere. ) Adverb phrases, formed of preposition + noun/pronoun/adverb, follow the above position rules: The parrot sat on a perch.

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