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There are in different sciences and in different sections of the same science different notions of existence and non-existence. Instead of clear definitions one usually finds vague conventions. Normally existence and nonexistence are understood as the possibility or impossibility of observing objects with the sense-organs and with instruments, detecting their traces and effects, and also as the possibility or impossibility of creating objects 20 THE LOGICAL THEORY OF SCIENTIFIC KNOWLEDGE of the type in question.

3. SENTENTIAL OPERATORS DL Sentential operators are objects which permit the formation of sentences from terms and from sentences. D2. Operators of terms and sentences are logical operators. Operators of terms and sentences are different operators. We will examine this difference more in detail below. Neither in ordinary language nor in the language of science are these operators always clearly and unambiguously expressed. However, we are obliged to assume that they are distinct, perceptible objects, localised in space and time.

3. C O M P A R I S O N If the investigator selects two or more different objects, we will say that he compares these objects (or effects their comparison). The objects compared can be selected simultaneously or one at a time. But there is always an interval of time when they are all considered selected by the investigator who effects their comparison; the act of selection is localised in time. Evidently, the comparison of objects is an aggregate made up of two or more different acts of selection, which are in some order.

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