A Pseudo-Epiphanius Testimony Book (Early Christian by Robert V. Hotchkiss PDF

By Robert V. Hotchkiss

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47. 820 I b i d . , §. 4 8 . , §. 49. , §. 50. , §. 51. , §. 52. , §. 53. Ed. Batakrishna Ghosh, IC, 14 (1942-3), 65-98. 'Vyasa' often represents a commentator's reference to the Mahabharata. 226 Kane, HD, I, 239; I 2 , §. 54. , §. 55. , §. 56. , §. 57. J. Jolly, Abh. d. K6n. Bay. Akad. d. -philol. Cl. 18 (1890), pt. 2, 505-24. 230 Kane, HD, I2, §. 35. 40 Dharmasastra and Juridical Literature as the sixteenth or seventeenth centuries. Daksa too is an ancient smrti, in print in Jivananda's collection231.

And the commentary is about equally full throughout. D. 400-600192. Renou's close study of Visnu neither confirmed nor rejected this. It remains possible that the author took his starting point in material of greater age, which may not have had the name Visnu attached to it. The prominence of vyavahdra even in the prose passages strongly suggests an author faithful to the sutra tradition, drawn towards the outlook of the age of the great fragmentary smrtis. Many sutra writers have been preserved only in fragments.

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