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William Strunk’. If the document is a technical report, use that style but include the url as a note or in the address field. Eventually, you will run into some difficulty with writing urls. For one thing, the url could contain special characters; in particular, ~ is in many urls, and writing it will produce a space, not the tilde. Also, a url could become very long, and with latex having no place to break, you will see a line with lots of spaces (for justification), followed by the url. An unsightly line with spaces could also appear after the url.

Or \[. . \]. The $ delimiter keeps the mathematical expression in the text, like this: A consequence of Einstein’s postulates is that $E = mc^2$. ⇒ A consequence of Einstein’s postulates is that E = mc2 . \] ⇒ A consequence of Einstein’s postulates is that E = mc2 . 1 Mathematical Symbols The example also illustrates the use of the superscript operator, ^. Table 9 shows other common operations in math mode. ) Table 9: Some Mathematical Operations Operation Symbol subscript _ superscript ^ multiply \times divide \div Example How it appears What you write x3 x_3 3 x x^3 a×b a\times b a÷b a\div b The braces enclose an expression that can be used to define a more com2 plex operand.

One example is the LATEX 2ε reference [2], given by: @misc{latex2e, author = "Johannes L. Braams and David P. html}", year = "1994", } We have seen several packages so far, and you shall learn more about packages in §6, where I describe enhancements for having graphics in LATEX. However, this is the first use of \renewcommand, about which I shall say more when I describe ways to customize your document in §8. 3 Additional features One element of good style is to be consistent in your terms, including abbreviations and names of publishers.

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