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By Jussi Haukioja, James R. Beebe

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Should philosophy of language use experimental equipment, or can or not it's pursued within the armchair? Advances in Experimental Philosophy of Language represents a balanced number of positions in this largely mentioned query.

In the 1st number of its sort, top specialists within the box current a couple of assorted views at the relevance of experimental tools in philosophy of language, starting from entire dismissals of conventional the right way to defences of armchair methods. in addition to exploring attainable novel experimental thoughts, Advances in Experimental Philosophy of Language evaluates the philosophical relevance of present experimental effects and offers new info from new experimental stories. For students trying to remain sooner than the newest advancements and tendencies within the philosophy of language, this crucial contribution to the sphere brings the reader up-to-date.

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34 Advances in Experimental Philosophy of Language We turn now to our main question: How should we test what theory of reference is right for an expression? 3. 1 The role of intuitions The received view is that we should test theories of reference, indeed any semantic theory, by consulting our intuitive judgements about language, our metalinguistic “intuitions”. 8 Why is this reliance on intuitions appropriate? Machery et al. (2004) have noted that the intuitions that play this evidential role are usually those of the philosophers themselves and have questioned the appropriateness of this: Why should theories of reference rest on the intuitions of philosophers rather than those of the folk, for example, on those of the undergraduates in Rutgers and Hong Kong that they tested?

Provided that Jill’s judgements are about reference in ordinary humdrum situations, I predict that they would be quite reliable. In order for the folk to make reliable judgements about reference, they will doubtless have to have reflected on language a bit, aided by some minimal education. But that is what we can expect from normal members of our society. So I predict that if we tested folk referential intuitions about humdrum situations against evidence from usage, we would find the intuitions fairly reliable.

And I also think that, to the extent that experimental philosophy of language has been motivated by the Heavy Evidence passage, it is poorly motivated. But that is not to say that there is no conceivable experimental work that might shed light on issues in first-order philosophy of language. 18 However, if one’s study involves surveying intuitions, or claims that this or that philosopher of language makes evidential appeals to intuition in his or her work, these methods and claims must be justified.

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