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By Jörg Schönherr, Peter Baur (auth.), Cindy E. Morris, Philippe C. Nicot, Christophe Nguyen-The (eds.)

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''Informative, well-constructed, and readable...The individuals are leaders of their fields and what they need to say is worthwhile.'' --- SGM Quarterly, August 1998

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Jörg Schönherr, Peter Baur (auth.), Cindy E. Morris,'s Aerial Plant Surface Microbiology PDF

''Informative, well-constructed, and readable. .. The participants are leaders of their fields and what they must say is worth it. '' --- SGM Quarterly, August 1998

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22 (2): 1-2. St~idler, E. 1986, Oviposition and feeding stimuli in leaf surface waxes, pp. E. E. ) h~sects and Plant Su~;/bce. Edward Arnold, London. St~idler, E. 1992, Behavioral responses of insects to plant secondary compounds, pp. 45-88. In: Rosenthal, G. ) Herbivores: Their Interaction with Secondat3" Plant Metabolites, San Diego Academic. St~idler, E. and Roessingh, E 1990, Perception of surface chemicals by feeding and ovipositing insects. Syrup. ~fBiol. ofHungat 3" 39: 71-86. E and Derridj, S.

Sylvaticus, S. vulgaris, S. , 1996) (Figure 8). A m o n g ninhydrin positive substances, some specific unknown chemicals (three peaks) were collected from leek leaf surfaces. , 1996). This shows that widespread substances like free amino acids can have a plant species specificity due to the combination in which they are found. This is probably the case for other substances like organic acids (Morgan and Tukey, 1963) and cations. The difficulty that entomologists have in explaining the host specificity of a specialist insect by a single secondary chemical could be overcome by considering the specificity resulting from a pattern o f primary metabolites.

Likewise, it would be interesting to study the kinetics of emergence o f different types of molecules at the leaf surface. In addition to the physico-chemical properties of the molecules, types and states of cuticles, abiotic factors like relative humidity and temperature, and the duration that dew or rain droplets remain on the leaf surface should have a non negligible influence (Price, 1982). The time o f day is also a factor which has to be considered when extracting substances from leaf surfaces.

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