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By A. C. Senape McDermott

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Read: durväratvät. ••• otpatter S. käryanna S. ••• käryakaraJ;lllSvabhävamityapi S. 22 AN ELEVENTH-CENTURY BUDDHIST LOGIC OF 'EXISTS' eva käryatp karotiti cet. ikasya kramikäryakäritvamasti. näpyakramikäryakäritvasambhaval}. aprasatigät. 21) kärye ni~panne tadvi~ayavyäpäräbhävädünä sämagri na ni~pä­ ditaIp. ni~pädayediti cet. na, sämagrisambhaväsambhavayorapi sadyal} kriyäkärakasvarüpasambhave janakatvamavadhäryamiti 37 prägeva pratipädanät. amasamarthamävedayati. ike kramäkramikäryakäritväbhävo na siddhal}.

67 For there is no proof of the 57 58 tädavasthyät. atädavasthyät. 59 k~anikatvam. 60 61 62 63 64 65 66 67 Literally: 'In this matter it is said ... ' vyavacchedena. yoga. For this sentence I have adopted S's reading. yaugapadya. 'vyäpära': (literally) 'performance', ·operation'. samäveSa. sandigdhavyatireko. 34 AN ELEVENTH-CENTURY BUDDHIST LOGIC OF 'EXISTS' nonexistence of a qualifying term 68 other than succession or nonsuccession, since the denial of a particular [term] 69 is an assent to its complement.

8 'pramä(la' =df 'means of valid knowledge', 'evidence'. 9 'sädhana' =df 'proving instrument', 'probans'. 10 arthakriyäkäritva. 11 viruddhänaikäntikate. 12 'asiddho' =df 'inconcIusive'. 1 2 ENGLISH TRANSLATION 29 ex ist in a nonmomentary subject. For thus [it has been said], in the case of unity 13 between present and [future moments], there is permanence. If succession or nonsuccession is possible - even between two moments - those two are necessarily different. And since difference and identity 14 are mutually contradictory, how is succession or nonsuccession possible in the case of a nonmomentary entity?

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