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How much energy is stored in the electric field of the capacitor, if it is charged to 103 volts? 1-2. 8. Alternate sheets of foil are connected together to form two intermeshed electrically insulated stacks. 6 sq. in. Determine the capacitance of this capacitor. 1-3. The B-H curve of a given ferromagnetic material, neglecting hysteresis, is illustrated. If this curve is to be represented by piecewise linear approximations between 0-Hx and Hx-H2, write the appropriate description for B as a function of H over the full range of operation a-a'.

This was discussed in connection with electrical drivers in Section 1-10. •to Fig. 1-32. o + Schematic representation of force and velocity drivers. Mechanical Elements - Rotational 1-17 35 MECHANICAL ELEMENTS-ROTATIONAL A set of rotational mechanical elements and rotational variables exist which bear a one-to-one correspondence to the translational mechanical elements and the translational variables which have been discussed in the foregoing sections. In the rotational system, torque is the through variable and angular velocity is the motional or across variable.

Here, as for the rigid linkage and the gear train, a rigid constraint is imposed by the transformer on the through and the across variables. ^ - ^ Fig. 1-39. -*— f Schematic representation of rack and pinion. 1-c 1-18 1:27777r/A/p FLUID ELEMENTS LIQUID SYSTEMS Liquid systems are composed of liquid-filled tanks or vessels that are connected by pipes, tubes, orifices and other flow-restricting devices. The analysis of such systems must proceed, of course, by using the funda­ mental laws that govern the flow of liquids.

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